Hany Essam self-taught software developer

Reading Other's Source Code!

One thing the Full Stack Web Development specialization on Coursera particularly do right, Is that, each week after we submit our assignments we have to review at least 5 students assignments and source code, And answer a few questions such as:

  • One thing this learner did particularly well..
  • One way this page could be improved would be...
  • If there is any additional feedback you would like to give?

I constantly come across the concept of reading other's source code as a way of learning and becoming a better developer, And the people behind the course understand that concept and support it.
Honestly, i learned a lot reading other student's code, every one solve the problem in his unique way, and it allows you to explore more approaches and techniques.

We are at the end of the first course Learning HTML,CSS and JavaScript, And im really excited to start the next one.

I really recommend this Course and want to thank “David Rossiter” for his outstanding work in the First Course so far.
Coursera Rock!