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How To Use Your Mobile's Camera as a Webcam!

Part of Coursera's assignment submission is to verify your identity; they do that through 2 methods, your typing behavior and your webcam. well, what if I don't have a webcam or my webcam is broken!, That’s exactly what happen to me, i couldn't submit my assignment as my webcam is broken, but I do have a mobile that has 2 cameras(front and rear), is it possible to use them!

Immediately head to Google and it didn't take long until I found a solution, There is a mobile application called IP Webcam that allow you to use your mobile's camera as a webcam, All you need to do is download the app from the Play Store, have your mobile connected to a Wi-Fi network, and Your done.

Now im able to verify my identity and submit my assignment on Coursera, You can also use it with Skype or whatever.